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Prominent Me

When Spirit Speaks, I Write...

It’s as if there are two of me. One more prominent than the other. More prominent in the sense of it shows itself the majority of the time. It is what the world sees. It is what I see when I look at a mirror. It is the one created at conception. Not since the beginning of my existence, but since my cycle of life on Earth began. The one that’s less prominent is me, the true me, "eye", spirit. Spirit, flashes in my consciousness, as if it’s trying to break through yet I don’t have the concentration to hold on to it, but is it truly due to my lack of concentration or is it because I am not ready to receive it, to be fully awaken by what really is? It melts away, slips right out of my clutch, until it’s ready to show itself again. When it dwindles, I try to remember what it has shown me. It feels like waking up from a dream, knowing you’ve dreamt, but cannot, for anything in the world, remember what you have dreamt about, however, you remember how the dream made you feel. I then, the one the world sees, the one I see reflected in mirrors, goes back into the world, living life in what "eye" now know is a dream; a dream that is made up by everyone in the world, a dream that is made up by me; by what I have seen, what I have experienced, what I have felt, what I have thought, what I have been taught - ever since I began my cycle of life on Earth. "Eye" know it is a false realm developed by society’s dreams - not consciously, but subconsciously. Everything about my make-up was created before I began my cycle of life. I was born into this space that immediately covered my true self, that never gave me a blank canvas to discover my authentic self. I was placed into a realm of falseness that feels real, that seems real, but that "eye" now know is not real. How do "eye" know it’s not real? Because "eye" have experienced and "eye" do experience, spurts of the truth, spurts of what is real. "Eye" know my spurts are real because although my eyes are open for a matter of seconds, I am given a sense of timelessness, as if those seconds are all "eye" need to become engulfed in the truth, the truth that is so much greater than I. "Eye" know my spurts are truth. It s as if my eyes have been wiped crystal, clear. "Eye" literally see what surrounds me in the most vivid way. "Eye" am able to see what’s around me in such a lucid spectrum. And for some reason, "Eye" naturally gravitate my senses on the trees, the leaves on the trees, the sky, the clouds, the blueness of the above. It doesn’t feel as if I’m looking out of myself; like I’m looking at a book or a movie or a piece of fruit or a piece of paper or any other object. It feels like "Eye"’m literally in it. Like "Eye"’m a part of it. Like "Eye"’m a piece of it. Like "eye" am a leaf that has naturally detactched from its tree. Like I'm formlessly floating in the air or like "eye" am the air. That’s what it feels like, like "Eye"’m a part of the air, just being in the creation of it all, as "eye" am part of the creation. It feels as if, for a few seconds, "eye" am much greater than my physical existence. The feeling - one like no other. It feels like love, warmth, peace, ecstasy, calm, euphoria, clarity - all mixed into one. It’s a feeling that’s truly indescribable. No words can truly describe the overall experience. It is a experience that cannot be explained, only felt through the experience. And one day, "eye" I know I will be able to speak on how the less prominent me has now become the Prominent Me. Until then, "eye" continue to receive from those spurts "eye" am given.


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