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  • undated month view calendar
  • daily agenda (sections: hourly layout | top three | meals | exercise | self care | habit tracker)
  • master to-do list
  • goal planner
  • notes
  • brain dump
  • PDF file
  • instant downloand

Lyfinche' Productivity Bundle

  • A one stop shop for your daily productivity tools! Lyfinche' Produvtivity Packet consist of six printables geared towards helping you create productive days! This packet will allow you to:

    Keep up with your monthly obligations...

    See your day at a glance, so you don't forget important tasks...

    Become detailed with your goals and create an action plan to help you succeed...

    Get rid of brain clutter by having a place to dump your thoughts...

    Never forget important to-do's...

    A place to write down your thoughts and ideas!

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